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Phew …

HTML and CSS are the things I’ll take a shot at first since my knowledge of these two isn’t that great ( I know … they’re not considered programing languages but markup text,they still are very imported until someone comes with a better or more efficient alternative).Read the lessons from W3Schools about HTML,CSS, XHTML, TCP/IP (HTML5 and CSS3 are the next thing but HTML 4 or CSS 2 aren’t yet obsolete) … so all that I need is practice to get used with them and to keep on searching for more information to learn the tricks and to obtain a better understanding.

But where to start from …. hmmm ??

That’s where the good old search engines came into play and made it possible for me to start. No web hosting or domain …. you can’t have one without the other … anyway then I found out about LAMP on Ubuntu which makes it possible for you to start making your site offline.Being my first time with this, I looked for a few helping hands … a few minutes later found these tutorials and worked almost flawless :
1.Installing LAMP on my version of Ubuntu (9.10).
2. Configuring Apache if your working on two or more sites.
3.In case you might need to start from scratch.


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